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Wellbeing in the Workplace: The Power of Daily Self Care at Work

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In the fast-changing and demanding world of work, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget to prioritise our own wellbeing. However, taking care of ourselves is crucial for maintaining balance, productivity, and overall happiness. Whether you're looking for ways to include self care practices into your work routine or looking for a self care day during working hours, read on to discover effective strategies for taking care of yourself at work.

  • Create a Mindful Morning Routine:

    Starting your workday with a mindful morning routine sets a positive tone for the day ahead. Consider incorporating activities such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or gentle stretching to centre your mind and body. Taking a few moments for yourself before diving into work can increase focus, reduce stress, and promote a sense of calm. 

    It's essential to resist the temptation of reaching for your phone immediately upon waking. Instead, give yourself a few moments to be present and ease into the day. Use this time to set positive intentions, express gratitude, or engage in a relaxing activity that brings you joy. Consider starting your day with a warm glass of water infused with lemon. This simple ritual helps hydrate your body, helps digestion, and provides a refreshing boost of vitamin C to start your day on a healthy note.

    • Set Boundaries and Prioritise Tasks:

      To maintain a healthy work-life balance, it's crucial to set boundaries and prioritise tasks effectively. This means learning to say no when necessary and delegating responsibilities when possible. Recognise that you can't do it all, and that's perfectly okay. By managing your workload and setting realistic expectations, you create the opportunity to avoid burnout and make room for self care during your working hours.

      Setting boundaries begins with understanding your limits and communicating them assertively. It involves knowing when to decline additional assignments that would overwhelm you or encroach on your personal time. Remember, saying no doesn't make you less capable or dedicated. It's a way to protect your wellbeing and ensure you can give your best to the tasks that truly matter.

      Delegating tasks is another valuable skill that allows you to distribute the workload and prevent unnecessary stress. Recognise that you don't have to handle everything on your own. Trust your colleagues or team members to share responsibilities and contribute their expertise. Delegation not only lightens your load but also fosters a collaborative and supportive work environment.

      • Take Regular Breaks:

        Taking regular breaks throughout the workday is vital for recharging and rejuvenating your mind. Use these breaks as opportunities for self care. Scientific research supports the importance of taking regular breaks throughout the workday for optimal wellbeing and productivity. Our brains have a limited capacity to sustain focus and attention over extended periods. By incorporating short breaks into your work routine, you give your mind the chance to rest, recharge, and restore its cognitive resources.

        During these breaks, step away from your desk and move your body. Taking a short walk, even if it's just around the office or outside, can have significant benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Physical movement increases blood flow, releases endorphins, and reduces muscle tension, helping to alleviate stress and improve your mood.

        • Practice Mindful Eating:

          Mindful eating involves bringing awareness and intention to your meals, savouring each bite, and paying attention to the signals your body sends about hunger and fullness. By slowing down and fully engaging your senses, you create a deeper connection with your food and promote a healthier relationship with eating.

          Take a moment to appreciate the aromas, textures, and flavours of your meal. Chew slowly and savour each bite, allowing yourself to fully experience the nourishment that food provides. This mindful approach helps to regulate your eating pace and allows you to tune in to your body's natural signals of hunger and fullness.

          When you practice mindful eating, you become more attuned to your body's needs and can make conscious choices about what and how much you eat. This can prevent mindless snacking or overeating, leading to improved digestion and a healthier relationship with food.

          • Cultivate a Positive Work Environment:

            One way to foster a positive work environment is by building positive relationships with your colleagues. Take the time to connect with your coworkers on a personal level, showing genuine interest and care. Engage in open and respectful communication, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration. By building a supportive network of colleagues, you create an uplifting work environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

            Another way to create a positive work environment is by surrounding yourself with uplifting and inspiring elements. Decorate your workspace with motivational quotes, pictures of loved ones, or objects that bring you joy. These visual reminders can serve as powerful sources of inspiration and positivity, helping to uplift your mood and keep you motivated throughout the day.

            • Incorporate Stress-Relief Techniques:

              One simple yet powerful stress-relief technique is deep breathing exercises. When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, take a moment to focus on your breath. Close your eyes if you can, and take slow, deep breaths, filling your lungs completely. As you exhale, release any tension or worries, allowing yourself to relax and find a sense of calm. Deep breathing not only helps to oxygenate your body but also triggers the relaxation response, reducing stress and promoting a more peaceful state of mind.

              Quick stretches are another effective way to relieve stress and tension during work hours. Stand up from your desk and perform simple stretches that target areas prone to tension, such as your neck, shoulders, and back. Roll your shoulders, stretch your arms overhead, or gently rotate your neck from side to side. These movements increase blood flow, release muscle tension, and provide a refreshing break from prolonged sitting.

              For those moments when stress seems overwhelming, stress balls can be a valuable tool. Squeezing a stress ball in your hand can help release tension and redirect nervous energy. As you squeeze the stress ball, focus on the sensations in your hand and the gradual release of tension. This simple action can provide a sense of control, promote relaxation, and help shift your focus away from stressors.

              • Prioritise Mental Health:

              Taking care of your mental health is crucial for your overall wellbeing, and it's important to make it a priority in the workplace. It's okay to talk openly about mental health concerns and reach out for support when you need it. You can have conversations with your colleagues or supervisors to create a culture of understanding and compassion.

              Good mental health can improve your work performance, enhance your relationships with others, and increase your overall happiness. Remember that it's okay to take breaks when you need them and ask for help when you're feeling overwhelmed. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

              • Practice Gratitude:

                Expressing gratitude in the workplace can bring a lot of positivity and joy into your life. Take a few moments each day to reflect on the things you appreciate about your work, your colleagues, or your accomplishments. It can be as simple as acknowledging a helpful coworker, a successful project, or a supportive work environment.

                One way to cultivate gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal. Each day, write down a few things that you are grateful for in your work life. This exercise helps shift your focus towards the positive aspects of your job, reminding you of the things that bring you satisfaction and fulfillment.

                Another way to express gratitude is by sharing words of appreciation with your coworkers. Take the time to thank someone for their assistance, acknowledge their hard work, or express how they positively impact your work experience. This simple act of gratitude not only uplifts the recipient but also fosters a culture of appreciation and support in the workplace.

                Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish but necessary for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. So, embrace the power of daily self care at work and watch as it transforms your work experience for the better.

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                At LIZA VETA, we understand the importance of self care at work. That's why we offer a range of products designed to enhance your wellbeing during working hours. Here are just a few products that you can use in your office or other work environment:

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                Essential Oil Infused Hand Lotions

                Using our natural hand lotions at work provide several benefits. They help keep your hands hydrated and nourished throughout the workday. Frequent hand washing and exposure to chemicals can lead to dryness, and applying hand lotion helps replenish moisture, preventing discomfort.

                Our hand lotions create a protective barrier on your skin, shielding it from external irritants and environmental factors. This protection helps maintain your skin's natural moisture balance and prevents it from becoming cracked or rough.

                Moreover, the act of applying hand lotion can have a soothing and calming effect on your mind and body. It provides a moment of relaxation and stress relief during your busy work schedule. The gentle massage and pleasant scent of the lotion can help you unwind and feel more at ease.

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